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A consulting company in the field of disruptive innovation.
From blank page to the first Euro.

Ideation process

We can establish all or part of a 4-month stage-gate process that will drive you from « hunting fields » (stage 1) to the creation of
new ideas (stage 2), that are filtered into embryos of new business opportunities (stage 3).

An ideation process based on blue ocean strategy:

The « hunting field » of the BOS initiative can be the result of high level trending, or Company Vision or target market Crowd + online based initiative, involves between 20 and 200 people. ca. 4 months to generate 200 ideas,funneling down to ca. 10-15 concepts Governance agreed with customer.

Excubation process

Some of your new ideas are too good to be dropped, yet too disruptive to be arbitrated against core business projects?
Startup creation can be a very powerful tool to bring the outside in!

An excubation process based on years of experience

Disruptive ideas have a better survival rate as spin-offs, especially when they leverage your company assets: they provide rapid returns with high margins. We can drive you through the process of creating startup companies from your assets, and lead them to external funding.

Why business model innovation

Not all business models are created equal..

An ideation process based on blue ocean strategy:

The business model of an innovation is not a business plan, nor a business case: it is the detailed answer – with words – to the question: « Who pays? And why? ». The « why » is systematically the most difficult part. And « why not » usually not an acceptable answer.
The graphic on the left shows that companies which have similar business models tend to « cluster » into rather narrow distributions in terms of EBITDA and speed of return on investment.
If your Company has ambitions for rapid and non-dilutive growth beyond its industry standard, then it must have ambitions for new business models: new types of clients, or new way to generate revenue, or both.
Not all business models are created equal: the good news is that the type of growth can be selected first, as per the company’s vision! The rest can be systematized, leveraging Blue Ocean Strategy.